If you would like to become a team member, please make a video of you fingerboarding and send it to me on youtube(onewayfbs). If you don't have a youtube acount, send me an e-mail telling me where it is.(greysonsnascar@aol.com)

P.S. team members get $4.00 off products on One Way Fingerboards.

Name: Greyson Harris (owner) 
Favorite set-up: One Way wide with teck deck rest             
Favorite trick: 360 flip to salad grind



Name: Landon Edwards
Favorite set-up:Berlinwood wide flatface edition with flatface g6-x wheels
Favorite trick: Blutside kickflip out

Name: Katleyn Clarke
Favorite Setup:Berlinwood Wide with custom made trucks, close-up wheels
Favorite trick: 360 flip to 50-50

Name:Andrew Francis

Age: 13

Favorite set-up: Berlin Wood Regular riptape and ted wheels

Favorite Trick:KickFlip 50-50 Nollie Flip out




 Name: Spencer Brindley 
Age: 14 
Favorite set-up: Naipe deck, no comply wheels, flex tape, summit bushings, and tech deck trucks
favorite trick is kickflip 5-0 shuv it out




Name: Colin Yurcisin
age: 12
Favorite set up: Toxic red yellow fade graphic with custom painted tech deck wide trucks and white flat face core wheels         
Favorite trick:Kickflip to smith grind


Name: Robert Wiebe
age: 13
Favorite fingerboard set-up: Currently just a Darkstar Tech Deck
Favorite trick: Fakie Kickflip